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Senior Full Stack Engineer (TypeScript) with Crypto Jobs List - Remote

Salary: 20000 USD to 40000 USD a year
Company Website:
Published: December 2021

I’m looking for a talented and ambitious Full stack TypeScript engineer who’d like to grow into a world-class CTO-level engineer.


  • Build search and hiring experience you’d love to use yourself

  • Support existing features and develop new ones (across backend and frontend)

  • Maintain high quality code base, tested, secure and up to date

  • Find problems and solve them before they arise.  

    Min Sys Requirements:

  • 3 years+ full time software engineering experience in an engineering team.

  • Experience with React (Next.js), CSS Modules + Tailwind, Node, MongoDB

  • Advanced performance optimization, Web-vitals, technical SEO

  • git-flow

  • Clear written and spoken English. But you don’t have to be a native speaker.

  • Self driven and motivated to learn and solve problems autonomosly. 

  • You are bored in your current mega-slow-corporate role or a dying startup.

  • If you dont know how to quit vim, this role is not for you.

  • If you don’t care about crypto industry, this is not for you.

Our stack? Glad you asked:

  • TypeScript / JavaScript / CoffeeScript (on the backend and we are moving away from it gradually)
  • React, Next.js, Tailwind, SASS modules
  • Mocha, Chai, Supertest, Cypress
  • Node, Sails.js, Strapi, GraphQL, REST
  • MongoDB
  • Docker, Dokku, Heroic, Lightsail, DO and other infra tools
  • Over 5.4k commits over the past 4 years. It’s not all sunshine and roses.
  • Zapier. Yes, often it’s best to zap things together than reinventing the wheel. 


  • Super small team 🤝 High responsibilities. You won’t be pigeonholed into one niche task. 🚀
  • Opportunity to contribute to open source. 
  • Full time
  • Remote or in Singapore
  • Paid in BTC/ETH/USDC or wire transfers

How to apply:

  • Email me a short brief about yourself, what kind of work excites you
  • Your github profile. And a brief about 2-3 projects you’ve built and proud of.
  • Twitter account preferably

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