How Does This Website Work?

Who is mining was born with the idea to provide a simple, easy-to-use and free service for people to use to detect whether a website is mining cryptocurrency. The idea behind this website is similar to other browser extensions that out there provide the ability to detect if a website is mining crypto currency using your computer. This is known as “CryptoJacking”

What is CryptoJacking?

Cryptojacking is the usually illict activity of using someone’s else computer to mine cryptocurrency. We have seen how crypto currency mining works. CryptoJacking is used by websites owners to run cryptocurrency mining, usually without your knowledge or consent. This is done by running some Javascript code in your browser, while you are visiting the website’s pages. This code will use your browser and consequently your PC CPU processing power to solve complex computational problems and finally mine cryptocurrency for the website’s owners.

Technology Used

This website has been written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front-end and Go (Golang) for the backend. Go is a very popular and performant programming language used for most backend and system applications. The site uses Redis as a database to store mining sites and miner information. There are currently around 45+ known mining website providers registered in the website (coinhive, minero, jsecoin, etc). The list is constantly updated.

How does Who Is Mining Work?

You can use to check if a website is using any of the 45+ known website mining services. Once you submit your website in the search box, Who Is Mining will send a request to the website in question and load the entire page contents. If the page contents contain traces of the known mining website providers (coinhive, minero, jsecoin) the site will be marked as “mining cryptocurrency with …”. In case there was no trace of any of the website providers, the site will be marked as “not mining”. You can re-scan the website later on to check if the status has changed.

1. User requests to scan
2. sends request and loads page of
3. scans page for known traces of website mining providers
4. register the status of the website and whether it has found any trace of website mining

The cryptojacking landscape is constantly evolving and dynamics, website providers and scripts will constantly change to adapt to fraudsters needs and trends in the crypto mining space.

Please see below for a more comprehensive video about CryptoJacking